Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Put Heads In Beds

Sure, every resort has a video showcasing its "fabulous spa" and "ten thousand square foot fitness center" and "championship golf course."  Oh and I almost forgot to mention the "award-winning chef."

Don't any of these marketing pros (many who are my friends and clients) realize that these words have become innocuous, if not annoying to the consumer?  But, properties continue to churn out these videos featuring the same two or three voice talents and stock musak tracks.

It's time to shake things up a bit.

While the above video is certainly not "award winning," it is a small test sample of a new direction in video marketing for resorts.  Visuals that are shot at the right time of day, carefully chosen and legally licensed music tracks with no annoying voices reciting the well-intentioned bullet points.  However, all important areas (i.e. guest rooms, restaurants, pools, etc.) will be well covered.

The best part is the ability to track response.  That logo in the video's llower right corner is actually a clickable link to an external website (my portfolio, in this example). But, imagine if consumers could click this link and be taken directly to a booking site.  Now that's a great idea.


Bobby said...

Hi Corey,
Enjoyed watching the new; Heads In Beds video. So beautiful to watch, enticing to the eyes, wanting to make that reservation call.

Also, enjoyed seeing the, flip on the beach, video. it was eye catching and creative. With all due respect; would have preferred seeing a more polished, model type clean cut person preforming the gymnastics. Moka running up at the end then running back, was priceless. Beautiful work!

Love, Dad

Raif Fluker said...

This is excellent. Your work is really inspiring.

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