Monday, June 20, 2011

Johanna :: The Wall

If your father is Italian, your mother is Dominican and you're 24, there's a remote possibility your body could look like this. It might also depend on diet and exercise but without the genetics, you'll probably be on my side of the camera.
Wilhelmina New York fitness model Johanna Sambucini was in Miami Beach for a few days so we decided on a quick collaboration. Just east of Collins & 18th is a newly-painted white wall. Next to that is a beach shower. Add a model (and a bit of clothing) plus the Miami sun and you'll have all the ingredients of a video shoot.
Legally licensed soundtrack is "Macky" from Danish composer Ganga


Bobby said...


To video this model in Miami, was a wise choice. Her body should come with a warning label. Your beautiful art work deserves credit, too! ;~)



Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always, Corey.

Best regards, Dave

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