Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Courtney :: Architecture

We scouted and planned a sunny rooftop video shoot with Miami-based Elite model Courtney O'Connor. It didn't go according to plan when, on the shoot day, the weather was not sunny. In fact, it was dark, cloudy and pouring rain. The footage looked more like Northern Europe rather than South Florida. So, I bumped up the blue (a lot) and let Courtney take command of the architecture.

Soundtrack is called "Beached" and legally licensed from Shawn Ethier "Revalver" based in Montreal, Canada.

CINEMATOG: Corey Weiner http://redsquarephoto.com
ASSIST: Jeff Herron http://jeffherron.com
MODEL: Courtney O'Connor http://courtneyoconnor.org
SOUNDTRACK: "Beached" by Revalver http://twitter.com/tweethier

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