Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smile, Cupcake!

Now for something completely different.

Lise Ode, a good friend of mine, is starting a wholesale gourmet cupcake business. She's been baking custom wedding cakes for hundreds of dollars each and will now segue into the neglected cupcake market.

If someone would pay $4 for a cup of coffee, would they pay another $3 for a cupcake to go with it? We will see. In the meantime, she needed product shots and it just so happens that I do accept cupcakes as payment.

The lineup above is (left-to-right for the color blind) Pinkalicious, Minty Chocoate Mint and Creamy Lemon Dream. If you're feeling hungry about now, check out http://www.prettyinpinkcake.com


Vanessa Fernandez said...

how scrumptious! best of luck to her!

SEO packages said...

i really like this shot of the cupcakes. looks really good. i also have some shots like these but i just used ambient light. anyways., u have great photos. keep it up. :)

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