Friday, December 28, 2007

Photographer, 90210

Here's how Aaron Spelling would have described this scene:
Blonde, fashionably-clad starlet in her mid-20s jiggles past a nightclub as the paparazzi clamors for any image they can get. Just inside, local celebrities sip martinis as the sun sets on another perfect day in Beverly Hills.
But, with all respect to the late Mr. Spelling, here is how I would have described it:
Hired talent in her early 30s paces back and forth in the cold December dusk. A sleep-deprived photographer kneeling inches from Wilshire Boulevard breathes bus fumes while trying to ignore the cramp in his right foot.
We just got back from shooting SportsClub/LA's three Southern California locations. Client Kasey O'Leary-Massey did an amazing job of planning and executing our most productive 4-day lifestyle shoot to date. The most important part was always knowing where to find the local Starbucks.

Celebrities? We saw plenty. But unlike the rest of our media, Red Square Photography refuses to drop names.

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