Monday, October 8, 2007

Check out my new Kamra!

For a little more than a year, I have been working on a side project named Kamra (pronounced camera).

Kamra is a separate company formed by me and my partner, Rob Berman and its purpose is the design and manufacture of tableware, home decor and hotel/spa items that use photography as a main design element.

Back in my advertising and graphic design years, I thought that photography had great potential for product design and shouldn't be relegated to a flat piece of wall art. In 2001, I began applying images onto synthetic materials (durable, washable, food safe, etc.). But, even if I was able to create a great prototype, I hadn't a clue about mass producing and distributing it.

Rob's company Impulse has been manufacturing and distributing acrylic, wood and glassware products for years. So, he knows how factories operate and how products like this are sold. Impulse was a second career for him after his first life as an attorney for an internet company.

So, Kamra gets one partner with manufacturing, sales and distribution experience and another partner with photography, graphic design and print production experience. As a bonus, since most stock photography companies charge big bucks for images in the "items for resale" category, its great that Kamra can create as many unlimited royalty-free images that it needs.

CocktailVibe (another Berman invention) handles consumer web-based sales and features lead crystal products like the above flower and grass votives as well as my favorite, the crystal fire votive. They're shown on our acrylic grass tray. In the next few months, we'll have new glassware and melamine collections so stay tuned.


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