Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Not staying the course

Over the course of my 9-year photography career, about 95% of my projects have been architectural in nature. The other 5% have been interesting diversions from the typical homes, hotels and other structural subjects that I usually shoot. Some of those odd projects have been mentioned here in my blog and others have gone unnoticed, sitting in the depths of my 1.2TB hard drive.

A few of my friends and clients have suggested I turn my efforts to shooting lifestyle, or more specifically, spa lifestyle. So, in an attempt to generate some new business (since the U.S. real estate market continues to tank), I will be updating a few of my online portfolios to include more of my people shots. The first portfolio to get an update is my PDN PhotoServe. Other updates will be mentioned here in the coming days and weeks. After reviewing these images, if anyone feels I should stick to my day job of architecture (or just give up photography completely), please feel free to comment.

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