Saturday, July 21, 2007

Golfer misses birdie, hits helicopter

This is one angry golfer.

In the middle of his sunset golf game, a photographer's helicopter kept circling around, causing a distraction. Rather than take his 5th mulligan, he tried to hit the photographer with a golf ball...and missed.

I know this story is 100% true because I was the photographer and above is an actual shot of the guy about to launch a barrage of small, white, dimpled anti-aircraft artillery. The location was Raptor Bay Golf Club in Bonita Springs, Florida and the golfer was a tourist from Austria.

Sitting next to me in the copter was my client, Luis Capaldo, creative director at DLCIM in Miami. As we were in flight, we saw the golfer, we saw he was angry and despite the loud engine, we could almost hear him yelling at us.

When we finally landed after sunset, he sped up to us in his cart and yelled (in a German accent so thick, it almost sounded like he was actually speaking German), "Do you zink dat helikopters und golf go vell togezher?!"

Luis replied, "Oh, no sir. They don't go well together," answering the rhetorical question honestly and sympathetically. After a few minutes of talking, the man calmed down when he realized we were actually hired by the resort (who forgot to warn golfers there was a photo shoot that afternoon).


John Tocci said...

Haha what a fantastic story! I sometimes get embarrassed over the sound of the shutter & mirror slap on an DSLR when I'm sneaking a candid shot... that'd be the least of your worries whilst riding in a helo! least he didn't hit you -- those rotors are expensive (about $70k per on a Bell chopper)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Just a funny story.. I love the Austrian accent interpretation! I can picture the whole scenerio as if I was there.... thank you for the laughs.

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